you can run, but never escape

i dreamt of
that goddamned
shiny red firetruck
again last night
telescoping ladder
bit of white lithium
grease on the crank
reflective chrome
on the rims
and oversized bumper
too hot to grab
in the smoldering
ruins of home
bright lashes
the snap of plastic
on malleable flesh
hot tears evaporating
as they touch
the molten frame
of the metal toy
i bite through
my lip so as to
not scream in pain
flames consuming
the dark wood
in flimsy panels
flickering hungry blue
melted hangers congeal
as a trickle of
piss darkens the front
of superman underwear
meaning the strikes
will continue
unabated in the face
of this sheer disrespect
red and blue lights
bounce off the snow
sirens muted in
a blizzard of
justified punishment
as the metal frame
sheds rusted flakes
to drift like snow
among the ashes of home


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