a grimace etched
through the crimson flood
pouring down his lips
a half drowned gasp
as the thunder
pummels behind
his sparrow bone skull
i watched
curiosity and horror
as he tore at
the gray flesh
cracking his breast open
to wrench the sputtering
half seized valves
of his own
picayune value
to spray gouts
similar to those streaming
from nasal malignance
against the mirror
obscuring my view
of lunacy in pained retort
i found myself
mesmerized by the
visions as glimpsed
in vermillion haze
once free of the
ivory cage
the wizened organ
pulsated weakly
the striated muscle
contorting as something
tore its way free
of the shackles of
servitude to an
uncaring master as
sharp teeth tore at
the translucent sack
of cardial dissonance
exposing the abomination
he had carried
gestating in silence
he smiled at me
bloody lips stretched
in a parody of hope
and the yellow light
of madness in his glare
winked out
dying stars vanishing
from the midnight sky
i felt little legs
scamper over my
sweat soaked skin
red flecked footprints
tapping as it scurried
back into the gaping pit
to curl into a ball
pulsating in a
jittery staccato
as i slumped to the floor
and darkness
overwhelmed the pain


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