(un)tethered, coming in august

art by Maia Danae

coming this August from River Dixon and Potter’s Grove Press, (un)tethered by m ennenbach. this is my fifth collection of poetry, which is insane to my already fractured brain. each new collection gets closer and closer to where my poetic journey has taken me (albeit kicking and screaming in lowercase). with another cover by my beautiful and wickedly talented daughter, and an intro from someone i consider not just one of the best writers/poets on the globe, but someone i consider a true friend. this is without a doubt my favorite of the collections so far, which means little in the grand scheme of things, but is true. more neruda and plath, more odes of love and desperation as i search for meaning in the inherent meaningless of existence.

i have been quite lucky to find those souls willing to take a loss on a dead art, that can see into a dead hearted fool and find some glimmers of hope and beauty where all i see is desolation and dreamthistle. i didn’t aspire to be a poet, ink stained fingers pulling at pain and picking scabs to find a new way to howl into the emptiness, it turned out i wasn’t given a choice after so long choking on the words.

when the preorder is live, i will be forced to shill my wares again. until then, thank you as always for coming along on this bipolar odyssey into the frigid depths of longing. hugs and sloppy wet kisses, me


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