i have always
been partial
to moths over
there is something
in the muted tones
of fluttering wings
as they dart
around the heavy
sodium glare
a hopeless curiosity
consuming their
short existence
velvety browns
and noble grays
compared to their
daylight cousins
but there is a
profound beauty
in plain hues
a kinship in a
fatal sense of
seeking the unknown

beauty is not a
physical trait
it is the glow of
heartembers floating
on a spring breeze
in a simple smile
bespoken of love
in the songs of the
happy little sparrows
and on the wings
of the inquisitive moth
our eyes dart from
brightly colored
shiny distractions
while missing the joy
all around us
most of us are just
caterpillars chewing
an incessant need
to gorge ourselves
plucked away mid feast
before we ever spin
our cocoons and change
i hope to become
a pale gray moth
and her smile is
the flame calling
me gently home


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