of astronauts and fools

there are days
when i imagine
the loneliness
of outer space
is less bitter
than the loneliness
of driving around
a big city
surrounded by
a myriad of faces
yet having no one
to speak to
flying through
the emptiness of
the vast regions
where there is
only the ship
and your thoughts
the distant stars
beckoning softly
in pulsing rays
is to be expected
you don’t climb into
the cockpit of
a billion dollar rocket
set a course for
light years away
and not know that
nothing is your
constant companion
but having a set
destination at the
end of the trip
gives something to
cling tightly to
when this day is done
i will exchange one
loneliness for
another aspect of
the same solitude
no far away planet
populated with
eager smiling faces
just more of the same
stifling silence
dreaming of filling
the space between
my astronautical heart
and her nautical soul
trying to hold it
somewhat together
with no star chart
guiding me home


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