barely mobile

a thin veneer of
stick paste spread
across the cracked
countenance staring
back in crumbling
effigies of trying
to pull together
a seemingly lifelike
mannequin’s smile

the light shines
through the vacancy
in spatial relations
where time has chipped
the sediment of
intentional sentiment
into a weathered face
of craggy disbelief
in static wonderment

creaking joints
rattle the cobwebs
waking the ghosts
to scream maniacally
through dusty corridors
clustered insignificance
and a titillation of
incidentally strummed
woeful heartmurmurs

rats scamper angrily
ever chewing to halt
the growth of
indecisive incisors
gnawing at the walls
of hollow desperation
as seen through the
myopic tar drenched
slurry of dreamscatter


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