death rattle

the city aches
tremors coursing
an abandonment of
tired souls
a caffeination in
sultry desanguination
rippling outward
from the concrete
heart of crumbling
commerce tainted
dreamwisps caught
in rusted nets of
the failing grid
sending waves of
synaptic dysfunction
in pulses of
ravenous dismay
to spark ineffectually
in ozone scented kisses
and streaks of
melted asphalt as
sinkholes form
swallowing clusters
of autonomous tumors
cancerous reminders
of apex predators
hunting the docile
hellscape in effigies
of natural dejection

a quiet morning
punctuated by
gaia’s death rattle
beyond the tipping point
of cataclysmic
painblossoms shuddering
through the lonely
city of dead wonder
a necropolis filled
with saints and sinners
sipping black nectar
beneath forlorn skies


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