14800 landmark

there is a still
pool of sorrow
crystal clear yet
with an immense
crushing weight
i cannot recall
any of my dreams
but i am unable
to shed this steady
suffocation of
melancholic dismay
colors washed out
a single wilted
daisy in a vase
silken petals fallen
onto the table
facing a dusty window
morosely watching
a city bathed in
every shade of gray
i can barely breathe
for the sadness
inexplicable in
rusted hooks keeping
my chest compressed
unable to find the
source yet overwhelmed
helplessly hopeless
hopelessly helpless
a stranger in my own
furtive flesh prison
desperate for escape
trying to tunnel out
planning a jailbreak
from lethargic woes
on the rooftop of
an empty parking garage
somewhere north of
downtown dallas


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