tha(n)k you

on the days
the words flow
in exuberance
i tend to be
at my worst
on the days
i have nothing
but i love yous
on my tongue
i don’t feel
the need to
frantically scribble

those days
are my favorite

existing in a
panicked need
to unburden
an overdose of
too much emotion
is exhausting
the blood won’t
coagulate and
i can’t stop
picking at scabs
digging in the
open wounds that
i have carved
in that desire
to sanguinate
my poisoned soul

today began with
furstrated agonies
but the sun came out
after the latest
bout of storms
(real and self made)
and i am contented
to not bleed out

today is a day
of i love yous on
a repeated chorus
the birds sing
to the rhythm of
our shared heartshiver
in a moment of peace


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