schismatic dogma

the ochre ichor
in penitent drip
unyielding fever
an infection in
innocuous inoculation
vicarious chills
sweep brittle bones
tiny cuts all along
the inflamed tender
burning tinder
releasing cancerous
particulates over
carnivorously callous
incidental wounds
defective dereliction
in dank dismissal
a sickness burrowed
in despicable decent
as the alarm sounds
an end to another
insomnial infliction
to rest in pieces
in the cadaver of
whimsical remorse

i dreamt of light
in fitful relapses
at the edge of sleep
incapable of
falling downdowndown
into the grinding maw
where wakefulness is
a demon cracking bone
to slurp the marrow
on the narrow ledge
of indescribable
meandering hellschisms
a fantastic phantasm
in kaledoscopic pain


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