hollow night

an ethereal abstraction
in the crooked maw
curled into a
mirthless grin
a demonic supplication
between crooked teeth
an unspoken acknowledgement
to hollow moons
tidal distortions
in an awkward ebbing
a celestial attraction
in miniscule flashes
cascading behind the
holes in the vast skies
where clouds were
thumbtacked in place
by these same crones
bent awkwardly against
the vestigal blessings
of blind angels with
broken wings swinging
flaming swords wildly
as the witches and madmen
cackle in the twilight
where shadows flit
and the devil barters souls
at the crossroads of
a dying world filled
with the gasping cries
of daydream deliriums
paint dripping from
the edge of god’s palette
to stain the sinners
with etheral abstractions
in pastel painblossoms


One thought on “hollow night

  1. ooooh “painblossoms” niiiice word choice/ending. wish i’d thought of it. the way it works like emily dickinson where layers of meaning happen in just one gesture. u nailed it! I’m jealous.

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