a laceration
on systemic
limbic limitations
(fight)or(flight) hysteria
a transcendental ascension
absconding swiftly
along a jagged rainbow
slicing along
ocular nervousness
an optical illusion
a topical intrusion
limply lobotomizing
an overdose of need
the hourglass is
laying on its side
the sand settled in
an equal amount
within each glass orb
balance restored in
syncopatic disdain
a head on collusion
stardust colliding with
solar radiation
pop rocks sizzling
against the ebon curtain
an eternity of night
in flaccid rigidity
an indecent descent
into an array of misfiring
synaptic disambiguation
quarks scatter in
a devious acquiescence
of frozen seconds
in a quantum disentanglement
a distended tension triggering
(fight)or(flight) hysteria
a symbolic disembowelment
in a disavowed
limbic laceration


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