dawn splinters evening

an eyelash
in my eye socket
every teary blink
is sandpaper
blurring out
my vision
a pebble
in my shoe
every awkward step
a blister
upon my sole
a blockage
in my artery
every straining beat
closer to
a fatal infraction
an overdose of
memories in my
fleeting sleep
wind burnt from
tossing and turning
a million ants
hungrily nibbling
at my flesh
spiders skitter
across my brain
the night still
smothers the city
in an itchy blanket
of silent disdain
bitter coffee
on a burnt tongue
a swollen tastebud
scraping teeth
with every pained
swallow down a
blood drenched
raw throat
from shouting
incessantly up
at the empty
throne of heaven
as muscles spasm
a potassium deficiency
in lover’s remorse
beneath the flashing
lights of circling
planes that rumble
my disdain into
the perpetual darkness

i lit myself
on fire this morning
to send smoke signals
of undying adoration
to hang mute
against the ceiling
forever abandoned
to the quiet
just before dawn
splinters the evening


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