long term ineffectual memory loss

each day
i find i have
something new
i cannot tell
what it is
just that
there is a gap
a pool of
nothing left
a vacanacy like
pins and needles
in my mind
perhaps i have
reached maximum
mental capacity
ejecting things
to make room
for new ideas
or perhaps
it is i
that has been
jettisoned from
someone else’s
thoughts and
that new tender
is a jagged nail
scraping across
my cerebral cortex
six of one
half dozen of another
spackling holes
in gray matter
with sunshine
as the dishwasher
churns to drown
the world in
white noise


3 thoughts on “long term ineffectual memory loss

  1. As u said, we Don’t k ow what we forget in my case unless I am pointed about it and sometimes there is a big issue between me and my hubby…so no I won’t say I am doing better..I m just slipping away and yes it’s good to know I am not alone.


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