the windows shook
a warbling noise echoing
down the empty street
the solid panes deform
waves rush through the
delicate crystalline in
clear melted silica sand
i watch physics bend
and can’t help but hope
one shatters and rains
down shards to pierce
through my waiting body
to shred me into slivers
quivering on the sidewalk
so desperately do these
thoughts race through me
i feel worried that maybe
my mind is not doing well
i cannot breathe then
wanting only the ending
ill prepared to continue
into the next building
to ride the elevator up
and up and up and up and up
to turn the same screws
explain the same things
to be ignored in every
single fucking aspect of
this sorry excuse for life
to shed my clothes and go
feral off into the bushes
give in to the knowledge
i am subhuman at my best
less than a stain at my worst
but that goddamned window
just groans at my dismay
unwilling to give up its
precious view of a gray city
pollution hanging heavy
for a nothing begging for
an ending i don’t deserve
so i went up the elevator
aware of just how pathetic
of a waste of flesh i am
turned that same screw and
went over basic setup again
knowing i would ba back
sooner rather than later
listening to the glass
warble an unfulfilled death


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