yellowed journals

her scent
reminded me of
a library
yellow pages
filled with mysteries
that would take
a lifetime
to fully reveal
i grabbed a
tome hoping
to unlock those
secrets dancing
behind brown eyes
only to find
my feeble understanding
of language
unburied questions
i could never
hope to answer
with shaking hands
i opened each
volume and fell
mind first into
her labyrinth
unconcerned with
marking my path
unafraid that
i would become
lost in her
many passages
until i found
a simple thread
leading me into
the candlelit
halls of crystalline
beauty where her
heart trembles
against the bars
of its cage

one day
through perseverance
i will find the
key to decoding
the complex locks
and free her
of her imprisonment
thumbing through
journals in cursive
seeking her
rosetta stone
in a futile attempt
to translate
her hieroglyphs
into a an epic
tale of love

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