knot lessons

my mind can unwind
the gordian knots
along your supple spine
but my fingers fumble
when i try to tie my shoes
as if the disconnect
between will and ability
is irrationally severed
the slow degradation
of indecisive waking
after so long sleepless
has permeated my hands
with the same paralytic
that keeps my tongue
firmly cemented
to the roof of my mouth
perhaps both
tongue and fingers
long for an escape
to fulfill the duties
they do best
sending goosebumps
across your smooth skin
as they delve deeply
into your bottomless depths
in my mind
far from failing flesh
i can tie a noose
around your heart
but on the couch
as the sun filters in
i can barely unknot
myself to get dressed
to face a faceless day
where everything is dyed
in shades of fuzzy gray


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