alone in darkness

another ill prepared
autonomous autopsy
nonessential organs
bagged and tagged
fingers cramped
as the thick
black thread
hangs loosely from
the tattered edges
around the empty hole
that once consumed me whole
a long why bother incision
exposing saw dust reveries
a speed bag hanging
between wizened lungs
sloppy odes etched
left unread in the
dessicated dedication
to accepted truths
an inhumane biohazard
embalming fluid seeping
staining the sheets
of sleepless longing
in long winded refrains
about death in captivity.

an excursion into
the study of self taxidermy
a glass eyed menagerie
locked in lethargy
a thesis on the
impertinent permanence
inherent in nothingness
a row of songbirds perched
on the floating ribs
a terrified frozen repose
of calculated indignation
at the moment of realization
each of the shiny things
from which they built nests
were little more than
temporary distractions
a deluded dissemination
of dreamdander disillusion
when the actuality is
self evident in the silence
that answers each ignored
attempt at acceptance.

i write my good byes
in invisible ink
a phantom scrawl across
the cadaverous flesh
purgatorial musings
in sloppy misspelled cursive
barely legible through
glass eyes in an
ocean of unshed sorrow
autobiographical suicides
in undying adoration
from the least important cog
in a long forgotten machine
whose function was
never truly determined.


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