i sat
staring out the window
seeking to
this feeling
that squirms throughout
my entirety

her beauty
etched into my mind’s eye
her laughter
bubbles in my blood
her voice
sends shivers of ecstasy
racing down my spine

it is impossible
to sum up
someone so magnificent
with a party
twenty six letters
there are not
enough words
in which to spill
my heart into an ode
dedicated to her

so i sit
staring out the window
the sparrows hop
as a fool spills out
the intangibles
that define her
undefinable wonder
and all i can manage
is to tell them the truth

i love her
and in those simple words
a wealth is hidden
each syllable dripping
with a thousand
reasons as to why
and the breathless gap between
contains a trace
of her smile
as burnt into my soul
while i seek
a new language
one capable of expressing
the joy of her

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