dream woven

i lifted my head
as the final line of a poem
floated off my tongue
a declaration
so true
that it willed itself
into half dreamt existence
i inhaled sharply
to try and pull
the words back
so i could feel them
in my mouth
once more
infuse them with
the image of you
burnt into my mind

but they did not heed
as i tried
to recall them
to put them to page
in case they do not
find the same ear
i felt my lips brush against
in that secret place
of candlelit heartblooms
where every ode
to you is born
in the limbic furnace
that fills my cheeks
with the ruddy red
glow of sheer spun
passionate need

the words leave
a trail of soulscatter
arcing just ahead
of the rising sun
over the horizon
to follow the supple
curvature of the globe
a giddy ray of syllables
kinetically charged
fundamentally etched
with the maelstrom of intent
woven by the poetry
in my being
so happily enchanted
by the beautiful poetry
inherent in you

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