dumbo octopi

they dart around my head
shadowy octopi
with fluttering ears
propelling themselves
through the humid air
of early morning dissonance
writing in duplicate
seeing in triplicate
lost in the waves
of this ocean bearing
down down down
on the battered fool
in desperate need of relief

she comes over the horizon
draped in gossamer
golden beams of armor
astride a spider crab
her smile fills the world with
the light of the sun itself
to banish the constant reverb
of agonizing motion

i sit with my back
against the rough bark
of the old oak
watching the battle unfold
over the wildflower fields
as the swooping octopi
sweep in formation
against the lumbering crabs clouds of ink burst
as she calls forth
crackling lightning
to decimate the enemy
with a smile that never fades
calming the pressure
that seeks to grind me to paste


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