permanent snooze

some mornings
the alarm is
the harbinger
of hellish defaults
the indifferent screams
of the bill collectors
digitized to slap
the still dreaming
into fraught
a steel toed boot
the limp limbics
into a perpetual
state of anxious motion

this morning
it was your voice
whispering love
through dream
through the pillow
clutched close
to my chest
a warm drizzle
candy coating
the insides
of my mind
insulating my joy
suspending all
but the need
for your perfection
pressed tightly against me

i woke to a trail
of scattered kisses
still fresh
upon my cheeks
in the empty spaces
never feeling as if
you had been closer
than in the needful
love making
that saturated
my deep
albeit short sleep
as if we found a way
to bridge that gap
that exists between
our physical frames

i woke
with the words
i love you tattooed
across my tongue
now i long
to paint your day
with their strengthful
sublime infusion
absently caressing
your hands
your thighs
your every perfection
as we wile away
the day together
hoping the alarm
stays silent

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