lavender sun

i drive
down the streets
at a hundred miles an hour
with my arm
hanging out the window
painting the city
with my
amethyst innocuosity
at the top of my lungs
as a cloud of joy
like a comet tail
behind me
a heart full of you
a mind full of words
too much
for one person
to hope
to contain

the ever overflowing
heart of a fool
finally recognizing
he has only been
because he chose
to wear the cement boots
he doesn’t recall
putting on
but the laces
catch the eye
with platinum threads
that glimmer
with the smiles
of a dozen
one of a kind beauties
that shimmered
with every forced

but you
reignited the flames
long dormant
with the spark
in your eyes
as i drizzle
the lavender affection
that pours
from my very pores
shouting words
into the aether
in celebration of you
with a buoyancy
long thought
unfazed by the haze
of all the days
spent lost
in search of the sun

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