a thousand

there are crevices
in your soul
that call to me
secret places
where no one else
has been
hidden spots
groves of splendor
where you
pull leaves off flowers
from prying eyes

in my longing
to learn your
classified currents
to navigate your
silent deflections
i lose myself
in the simple affection
infectious the way
it sends me
down my own
untrod trails

maybe i seek
to learn myself
well enough
to give you
the complete
chalk outline
in turn
convincing you
of my intent
so you show me
the x-rays of your heart
that so call to me

in a thousand lifetimes
i doubt i could
unearth every ounce
of your true
but if given
a thousand lifetimes
it would be
my pleasure
to try
while wishing for
a thousand more

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