the desert of dream, the oasis in your smile

fell asleep
with your words
on my chest
as the exhaustion
of constant anxiety
wore through
my sullen
the same way
a creek
carves through
the mountains

i chased
a drifting balloon
the rooftops
of a nameless city
on the edge
of an endless
desert facade
encircling my
photonegative smile

losing the reason
in the pursuit
to stop myself
from leaping
each chasm
in hopes of finding
you resting
beneath the palm fronds
an oasis
for my thirsty soul

your lips
sweet as dates
your words
watering the sand
within my chest
until the wildflowers
in your eyes
burst forth
to palpatate
the staggering ache
between thunderous beats

when my head
is filled to the brim
with arcs of agony
the world falls
into black and white
until the only color
i can see
is your light
a flare in the night
of my tepid truth
to guide me home

i whisper my love into the storm, knowing the words will find their way along the silver linings hidden within your smile

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