coffee and her as i bleed across the sky

i sit alone
remnants of dream
cling to my sullen
sleep filled mind
the phantom feel
of her hand still
entwined with my own
as the slumbering sun
rests beneath
the eastern horizon
her smile lighting
the darkness of
waking without
the succor of her lips
to wake the morning sky.

i cut myself
letting the crimson
stain the skies
to call forth
the dreaming star
from a bed of clouds.

the birds sing
lamenting another morning
of a fool in mourning
as i awake
without her carefully
held within my arms
the angry sun rises
as summer fades upon
her rigid throne
and the ocean of words
churns incantations
i call forth
filling the gaps
in the chorus of
avian orchestral cries
sending kisses upon
the new day’s breeze.


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