we float along on the backs of alligators down the slow moving river, turtles sunning on a lazy day, there was nothing exotic about our lounging though the eyes of gators seemed unimpressed;

and you laughed your laugh that plays the bones of my spine like a xylophone, shimmering symphonic waves of pleasure, a tuning fork against the crystal of my soul vibrating a hymnal of joy;

aa you lay watching the sky, i lay watching you as a rainbow found its home in your bottomless gaze, and i longed to follow that prismatic fracture and coil myself around the curves of your heart;

did you know, i whisper, uncaring of the curious alligators with slitted eyes, that each time i tell you that i love you it is a different shade, like the swirl of rainbow still lost in your iris;

you just smile as the lavender burst breaks from my lips, the wildflowers blossom as we pass, everywhere your serendipitous umbra casts dual shadows, a myriad of colors open to impress you;

we floated on the backs of alligators, the world an ever shifting dreamsplatter in diaphonous splendor, but the only matter of importance is that slight smile when our eyes meet

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