the dragon and the queen of his coal powered heart

she has this ability
when she tells me that
she loves me
it always comes out
in cursive

i am strapped in
to ride
the loops and swirls
of that phrase
that fills my emptiness
with little flashes
of electrical bliss
as i force my eyes
to stay open
so every second is burnt
along my oherly exctied
ocular nerve
leaving afterimages soaked
in the chemical spill
flooding my brain

i spill my love
in lowercase
a breathy whisper
with a hint of steam
from my coal powered heart
afraid to ever
fully let loose
unleashing the inferno
that chars the back
of my constricted throat

i am the dragon
seeking to woo
the beautiful heroine
clumsily stomping
destroying villages
trying to find
a bouquet of wildflowers
to match the ones
in her perfect smile

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