amber globs of misplaced hope

on those rare occasions
when the coffee is
just cool enough to sip
the sparrows flit
out on the porch
and the storms seem
a million miles away
i seek to encase
the soft moments of peace
in amber as reminders
that not everything
is a precursor to
the end of existence.

little do i realize
that the lull outside
those subtle dips in
atmospheric pressure
when the ocean pulls back
and the shoreline breathes
a sigh of relief
are far more dangerous
than the angry waves
that lash out petulantly.

still i sit ignorantly
smiling at the miles of
freshly exposed silt
curious as the panicked fish
suddenly exposed
to the flashes of light
flop frantically as
gills go dry in the
rather pleasant breeze
as the mercurial nature
of destruction roils
ready to send fresh hells
a tsunami of hopelessness
to drown the coastline.

little amber statues
frozen instances of joy
taken from blissful ignorance
willfully denying
the subtle truths that
swirl paradoxically in
the sudden absence of noise.

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