i see the harpies
in the branches
preening each other
whispering words
of encouragement
for the world to see
all while unaware
everyone knows
the game they play
every unmeant
compliment given
builds themselves
with no thought
to the recipient
masking the ugliness
in their hearts
with a manufactured
facade of sweetness
pulling in fools
with the offers
of friendships
before unloading
misguided emotion
false declarations
to anyone dumb enough
to fall into the trap
the sweet smiles
hiding evil tongues
in the shape of knives
to pierce the backs
of supposed friends
before ending up
with nothing but
one another in the trees
spitting curses at
the ones that got away
huddled together up high
ignoring the fact
it was their own
ugly actions
trying to force
unwanted affections
that drives them back
to one another again
i see the harpies
for what they are

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