lost whimsy

inter me in your
salacious vanity
carve my hollow
bones into a flute
to play as you skip
down the winding
trails of lost whimsy

crimson drips from
gluttonous cumulus
the road is scarred
the reminders of when
innocence was plasticized
by the seven hundred
degrees of separation

when i get angry my
pockmarked indecencies
are exposed as my ugly
is flushed with blood
leaving every crack
in this porcelain facade
open to the elements

as you blindly take
while pretending to give
and in my desperation
i extract my humerus
in an attempt to lighten
this pall hanging over
my empty expanse inside

sounds the horns to loose
the hounds of hell across
the desperate final charge
the only lemmings willing
to follow one another over
the edge are the hairless
two legged idiotic variant

i have sold my soul
so many times it bounces
down the street seeking
to touch the bloated sun
filled with avarice high
above the corpulent clouds
of pustulant pollutions

lay my corpse across the
roots of the tall old oak
where my barefeet once
sought purchase climb
high enough above it all
to see exactly how far
i had already fallen

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