blank expressionism

i am not invisible
just on another
spectrum of unvisible
shades made up of
incidental pains
casually inflicted
with icy disregard
a ouija board remnant
a love unreturned

a frosted trickle
of clumsy disenchantment
a splintered facade
along the bindings
of my coal dust
heartshatter memoirs
when hope wasn’t just
another four letter
casual misdirection

i am a vista to another plane,
one where emotional currency
is taken on faith earned, not
casually dispensed on every
corner. my moral bankruptcy from
time spent where the jailers
were mannequins, the doors had
never been locked, and every
returned affection was merely the
scraps served to the starving
mongrels of which, i was unaware,
i was pack leader.


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