no shelter

i offer no shelter for i am the bomb itself primed ready to explode all over this land of make believe all i can give is a promise of mutually assured assumption. i am chiseled from bedrock approximations of hell quenched in tears smoothed to nothing by the ever blowing winds of eternal sufferings. the […]

a miserable stain

did i tellyou about the cardinalsi was sittingsipping coffeewhen a flashof crimson dartedpast the windowas i watchedthe femalepoked her beak outfrom a nestcarefully hiddenagainst the wooden planks they reminded meof illinoisthe state bird and allplusit always feltluckywhen i caught a glimpseat the femalei don’t know whymaybe it felt likei knew a secretor she trusted meto […]

blank expressionism

i am not invisible just on another spectrum of unvisible shades made up of incidental pains casually inflicted with icy disregard a ouija board remnant a love unreturned a frosted trickle of clumsy disenchantment a splintered facade along the bindings of my coal dust heartshatter memoirs when hope wasn’t just another four letter casual misdirection […]

wednesday blue

a feeling of insignificant frustration percolates through my insular broken i miss the sun or mattering but neither are on the horizon so i clutch my aching silence tight to my chest for simple lack of anything else

as empty as every line

i give youevery ounce ofmy agonyshareevery bit ofmy lovelet you swimunencumberedthrough myinfinite sorrow i ask fornothingin return but youinsiston more anything thatisn’t left tosteamon the concreteunderthe dusk skiesis hidden awaywith alavender bowfor her there isnothingto see hereno oneto bethis brokensex dollwith anoverabundance ofvernacularfailingsis less thanthe sum ofhis everyfruitlessendeavor just anugly stain onpoetic longingas empty asevery […]


in my heart there is a hymnal in my mind a stained glass refrain through my fingers arcing poetry across my tongue bitter disdain my bones are calcified regret my eyes blinded by desire my nostrils filled with wildflowers my feet set upon the fire her smile cracked the armor her touch the sweetest pain […]


i can’t even make myself the hero of my own tale. just another passing pedestrian walking down the sidewalk of someone else’s book. and i am just so fucking tired of it all. never mind. i am sure there is someone doing exactly the same thing that you should give your attention to instead. i […]

nothing to say

a room full of bored faces stare expectantly at the lone fool sitting under the glaring spotlight he opens and shuts his mouth repeatedly as the words evaporate before hitting tongue this was a mistake a foolish miscalculation yet here he sits expounding upon nothing ladies and gentlemen allow us to present an idiot with […]

mercurial nothing

she sighed like a smiling buddha one step removed from screaming fuck nirvana in the sad mist of sputtered inconsequence i hear horns car brass train all mixed into a cacophony of sullen morose the type you only get when the last good day is three days past expiration we break open thermometers to swim […]

no one

i’m the great no one the empty suit and clown make up waving at happy people from the side of the road the great mistake the punchline to a joke left untold failing at being a failure just another unsigned portrait left unsold at the neighborhood rummage sale become a ghost in my own shell […]

one way retreats

is it disillusion or confusion, how did it come to this, facing hard truths and the lies seem just as bad life is a cancer, we’re all just polyps, lesions, a legion of pus filled protrusions pinching a nerve and the cure is no better than the symptom i said the cure is no better […]


i’m a dissident wearing a khaki green pea coat over my ché graffiti T-shirt with torn jeans and scuffed up combat boots no i’m a real dissident recognizing ché for the animal he was and considering him deserved of an unmarked grave in the mountains he wasn’t the romantic figure he is made out to […]