as the magpie screams in the darkness

the caper rolls
across the plate
to lay on
the cream colored
you sigh
as i watch
the evergrowing
stain as it
races down the fibers

as the magpie
in the darkness

i blink
the flickering light
of the candles
i wonder
were they ever there
i reach out
into the emptiness
but the table
has vanished

i am
under the blankets
i can
see my breath
i drifted off
and i was
there with you
so i settle back
to find you

the harsh scream
of the magpie
in the darkness
leads me
ever forward
ever down
down down down
is it colder in here
or is the depths
the road to redemption
or just paved
with good intent
the wings flap
in the velveteen black
i am a bat
echolocating my way
to you

these blankets lead
on and on
miles upon miles
with no end in sight
so i murmur
my love(subsonically)
hoping it finds
your pretty ears

i think i am lost
but i wonder
if i was ever found
just an errant feather
falling from
the magpie as it screams

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