something, words

stay in school kids

and live with your parents until you are fifty

get as many pieces of paper to hang on the wall as possible

drown in debt

swim through the currents of leases and loans

tattoo your face with rainbow sixty nine and four twenty

raid the thrift store and dress like a golfer from the seventies

smoke weed, drink too much and pop every pill they bring your way

develop habits and tendencies

wrap yourself in your depression and wear it like three piece suit

make that shit look good

leave gender assignments at the door

piss in a corner and call yourself waldo

be unique or follow the trends

get dread locks

join a cult and worship kangaroo placenta

dance like you’re on fire

write prose like it matters

(it doesn’t)

spit rhymes over break beats and tell the world you are the second coming

just do something

i got your back

just roll your favorite uncle a joint and keep a bottle of pills on hand for when i visit

we can expound on the virtue of being a gentleman in a world of tinder hook ups

on being the kind of guy women say does not exist because they looked past us standing out in the open

i got tricks to teach and you have malleable brains

let’s burn this place to ground and dance in the ashes

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