i’ve decided to pursue a glutton free diet

my doctor says i have hypchondria

i haven’t looked it up but i’m pretty sure that it, along with the other symptoms i’m feeling equals up to bad news

restless heart syndrome

nervous ladder

i threw out a loaf of bread because i read it could give me a yeast direction

a urinary tract defection

both my eyes are lazy and appear normal but for some reason no one will stare into them

i have an iron sufficiency

solid bone syndrome

erectile tissue function

my lungs inflate and i have been known to expel carbon out in my breath

i’m a ticking time bomb of vitamin efficiency

the doctor says there is nothing wrong with me and i wonder what he isn’t saying between the lines

a perfectly healthy pescatarian that doesn’t eat fish

a vegan carnivore

a vagitarian

i’m sick and i feel as if every moment is one closer to death

every grain of sand in the hourglass is one closer to the end

like my life is finite

has a level cap

that there is a grand finale in store that may not have rising trumpets but just gently plucked harp strings

that one day i will die

that slowly i am falling apart

that all the wear and tear doesn’t make you stronger

it just helps break me down

and i am so down

so very down

but my doctor is a quack

he recommends i see a therapist

but they are hacks

always saying bi-polar

or manic depressive

or other pseudo-science mumbo jumbo

if i wanted a false diagnosis i would use web md

but it’s always cancer

and i’ve probably already got that

a symptom of hypochondria i assume

if it’s not one thing

it’s gonna kill ya

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