simply complicated

he was the product of an inaccurate conception, immaculate in the sheer accidental nature of his being

are there mistakes in this chaos inherent in every atom, or byproducts of grand design flaws

residual remnants of primordial ooze that seeps from his every pore

born in the footsteps of giants and left to flounder in the tar stained torrents of hellfire as it falls from the arid wasteland

the simplicity of complex biodegradation as witnessed through the broken bottom of a bottle

all the answers lie in the whorls of fingerprints etched onto microbial bystanders

inarticulate reception in inaccurate conception made immaterial by convection

sexual replication by deviation from standard sets of vectors veering into the unknown horizons of mad science and barbarism

an errant bolt of lightning and incomprehensible proteins swarming along the corpse of chance

left to hobble about as society’s mislabeled misanthropic misfit looking for safe haven in a world that doesn’t understand because it cannot

because it won’t


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