i’m the third rail, the voltage that courses through your hand, the static electricity on a cold winter day, the tingle between your ears when troubles coming


nice to meet you

name is mike

i’m a scorpio, astrologically, a rabbit, chinese zodiacally, a lion, metaphysically, a lover, tongue gymnastically, a poet, failing miserably, a person, insubstantiality, tattooed, skin artistically, pierced, ears and nippley, had another, torn out painfully, boxer caught it and screamed, rather hysterically, prone to speak, honest and forwardly, direct, my sleeves are covered emotionally, used to drink, rather epically, now i don’t, kind of tragically

a doomed romantic with enough razor wire wrapped around my heart that spicy food makes me spurt blood from the jagged incisions that never quite heal

metaphorically inclined, forever alone or so resigned, tried to give myself away and was declined, seems my love comes off as maligned, not by purpose but it was designed, over time became refined, guess the stars just weren’t aligned

still with me


that buzzing in your head, between your legs, the sweat on your upper lip, trembling fingers, the urge to lick your lips

that’s me again

i’m your dirty secret, your greatest sin, your protector, and biggest fear

the thing that swims against you leg as you wade into the water, the shadowy figure watching from the corner, the only one that can scratch that itch, i’ll do that thing you like but you’re afraid to ask for because you feel awkward for asking

you know the one i’m talking about


don’t be embarrassed

i like doing it

and you like having it done

blink twice if the restraints are too tight

once if just right

i won’t adjust them

just like watching your beautiful eyes

now that the introductions are out of the way

let’s get to the good stuff

the safe word is more


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