sattelite love

he sits silently, blinking spots from staring at her for hours as she climbs across the sky

peering up from the horizon

he longs to raise his arms and hold her

but the scarred flesh on his arms and chest from the last time make him hesitant

he loves her


but she is a celestial being

and he is little more than a boy on a bench in a park in the middle of nowhere, the same place he is headed, spinning alone in the cold vacuum of space

just a chunk of rock caught in the orbit of this blue jewel

she is gradually making her way westward, unknowing or uncaring of his affections

he won’t make the move for fear of being burnt again

but he will sit patiently and watch her rise in full majesty in the east

and he will gladly blink black little spots if he can feast upon her beauty

c’est la vie, la vie mademoiselle

t’aimer de loin suffit

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