cuckoo is finally done

hey dear readers, been a bit since i checked in.

i have been writing a novel, Cuckoo, since November. last night i finished it, finally. typing the end and closing that tale is a pretty big step for me. i am used to expressing emotion in around 100 words. quick tears, move on to the next. but this thing is something much heavier.

Cuckoo is seven narratives of varying levels of madness interwoven in one tragedy of half truths. it is a love story. it is difficult. brutal and surreal emotionally. this is as close as i can come to uniting all my styles and forms into one place.

i am slightly devastated in the closing of it. i write the endings through constant tears with the hope the reader reads it the same way.

but that is out of my hands.

i submitted my next poetry collection to Potter’s Grove, (un)requited, and it already looks amazing. the next goal is to work on my two epic poems and maybe finish one before Cerberus *redacted* work begins in March. i have already begun research on that story just need to feel it gel. now that the Cuckoo burden is lifted, and once the lingering sorrow dissipates, the world is wide open.

some goals for the rest of the year.

*finish a new collection of shorts.
*return to projects that got scrapped by the dumpening
*world domination

that’s where the fool has been the last couple months. writing poetry with my favorite poet. driving myself farther insane. crying. a lot. so much.

and remaining grateful for your constant support. thank you. truly.



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