wayward words

lie down
let the gentle
autumn rain
the feel of sorrow
from weary muscles
in anxious

let the cool mist
act as a balm
the constant grating
of reality
like an obsidian blade
into the heartwomb
of tomorrow’s
many insults

the gray wool
of rendered
lies the burning hand
of solar flare
making shadow theatre
the insipid pleas
of battered distress

she smells like lavender, dripping the loving embrace of a thousand sutures to knit the broken back to life

one smile from full lips engorge the sadness of too many thoughtwisps into a blanket of tender kisses

i call out in between sleep and wakefulness in the hopes she hears my cries softly blown on the winds of shame

we are real, two dimensional constructs given form by the belief there must be something more to this ache

searching for home in the torrential storms of wayward words that tear at the flesh of innocent hope


11 thoughts on “wayward words

      1. So Mike, here’s what I’m thinking. Lol. People, (women 😋) can so easily put themselves as the female parts of many of your poems. And that’s not because of them, that’s because of your abilities. The tender, the adoring ways you speak of women, the romance in your soul. And some other things. But you are wonderful at these. Better all the time

        You are exceptionally versatile, so talented

        Liked by 1 person

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