the needle
pierces the skin
as ink floods deep
into the soft tissue
and over
the gentle hum
of the motor
an illusion
of solidity
constant stinging
as the stencil
is traced
to become part
of the road map
a destination
on the path
to one’s self
yet this
sixteenth marker
finally shows

24 thoughts on “16

  1. *Wanted to keep my family *from* speaking to me ever again, oops! Btw, did you ever hear about Shelly Jackson’s Skin Project? I’m thinking about being one of her words. I think she’s accepting people still.

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          1. Oh I love that idea of the poem too. I want to do this but I chickened out. Hmm. Time to be brave! I think the words are assigned and you don’t choose, but you can chose where the word goes on your body. You have to get her font though which makes sense. I keep returning to her site. She’s taking years to do this but she said she’s a perfectionist. So there’s still time I think. ♥.

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      1. I have so many designs in my head and on paper, but I only ever got one on my 40th birthday! My kids were so mad at me. ^_^ I’m getting the next one on my 60th in March. Or maybe just fixing the original a bit. It’s such a beautiful art. I’d be head-to-toe tats if I had the money and wanted to keep my family speaking to me. *smirk* Nice to meet you Mike! ♥.

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