random panties

there was this woman i dated once upon a time a real wild one that could drink ten men under the table

she was something to look at with a foul mouth and big blue eyes that could should lightning bolts while she smiled

every time we went out together it was a night of poetry and drinking and smoking and laughing all night

but she had this habit of leaving pairs of her panties in the strangest places like tucked next to her car seat

the first time i opened the passenger door to find a zebra striped thong hanging out as my daughter stared in shock

well that was awkward to say the least but any scars formed in child raising are badges of some twisted honor

certain songs remind me of that crazy lady that smelled like flowers and tasted like vodka and lingering smoke

then i stalk about looking for random pairs of panties strewn about my life that could strike at the wrong time.

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