she was walking down the road alone a backpack over a shoulder tears in her eyes i saw her approached cautiously she had the look of a deer in the woods that heard a branch snap escape written in her bright blue eyes as she stared at me we made small talk for a moment […]

echo of before

once trust is broken or a secret being told it ceases to exist in the form it once held like capturing the breeze in a jar there is no chance of retaining intent when i was a child i tried to keep a snowball to see winter in summer but all that remained was a […]

old flame

she was an old flame by that i mean seeing her tasted of ashes on my tongue as i sidestepped the charred circle of stone on the floor between myself and freedom she was an old flame now just the blackened bits of someone i used to know coal to stoke another fire indistinct like […]

(un)titled memory

it was a cold night and the sky was clear as we drove through the winding city streets she leaned across the console and put her head on my shoulder if you had asked me right then i would have told you i wanted that feeling to last until the sun goes supernova and wipes […]


when i was ten i would spend my summers at the nursing home my mother worked at none are as honest as children and adults close to death many truths were shared at times i was surrounded by ghosts that didn’t know they were dead yet but they always had hard candies and they all […]

lips like halloween

lost in memories again in how words and art cannot pull the true power of the emotion out because it is so much more than a word or painting fermented and impacted by all senses touch aural olfactory chemically mentally culminating in emotionally the first greeting punctuated with a spike in adrenaline etching the moment […]