sonic imprint

some songs
take me back
to another time
in another world
so vividly
i could
smell her perfume
as my nostrils

it was three
in the morning
witching hour
fittingly enough
when i heard
a tap tapping
on my window

brief dreams
of poe
and ravens
a vision of beauty
to which
my heart had screamed
nevermore to
a hundred times

the stereo played
some happy ska
that lulled me
happily to sleep
now the sound
muffled by her
hungry hands
a blur of mouths
a tangle of legs

now the horns
and the smell fades
the bedroom
back into
an empty
parking lot
the face that
in my mind
has diamonds
in her smile
and wildflowers
in her eyes
and i feel
a pang
of longing
bone deep
for the her
that owns
my fractured
poet heart

i watch
the display
curious where
the next song
will take me
with cautious
dread tinting
the excitement

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