Shameless Self Promotion and Dust

Good Shameless Self Promotion Sunday, dear readers, I hope the day finds you well. Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have a collection or book to shill.

My western horror novel, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, has been out a month and a half and the reviews have been pouring in. My experiment with a large cast in a pulpy style Western has been a modest success for a first novel. The bits that I hoped would stick seem to have. It’s strange and wonderful.

I hope to see some bleed over to (un)poetic, my first collection of poetry and Notches, my first collection of short fiction and my epic, 12k poem Persephone. We will see, my writing is unconventional at best but it is drawing a small group.

As I have mentioned, I am in a collective with Patrick C Harrison III and Chris Miller known as Cerberus. We just finished the editing process on our debut, Cerberus Rising: Nine Novelettes and it is a fantastic ride. The amazing Christine Morgan, a personal writing idol of mine, even deemed it fit for a foreword. It is a feat that legitimizes the works in my mind. I cannot wait for everyone to read it.

And speaking of Chris Miller. His newest book and the third in the Splatter Western series, Dust is out now. I may be a bit biased as my alter ego on Facebook is the main villain. But it is a great book and if you’ve read Hunger, you have met the protagonist, James Dee already.

This has been a big year and still has more coming. Cerberus Rising. (un)fettered. A Savage Breed. Trilight. As well as stops in ABCs of Terror volumes 1, 2 and 3. Drabbles of Dread. And possibly more.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Your support is always appreciated. If you don’t mind, leave a quick review on Amazon. It helps extend the books reach and gives depressive poets like me something to look forward to.

Love, hugs and sloppy wet kisses

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