Cerberus Howls

august 10th is a big deal for the boys in Cerberus, the universe aligned and we each have a new book coming out and we ready our second collection, Cerberus Exploitation: A Grindhouse Triple Feature. our first book, Cerberus Rising, has been nominated for two Splatterpunk awards to be decided at the end of August […]


they covered the leaves the fat white slugs sightless grubs peculiar things that seemed out of place in the fairy tale forest of once upon a time dying slowly with no princess to save nor witch in a cottage at the end of the long winding path tucked between leaning trees with gnarled branches crowding […]


As I stood there watching them, horror etched onto my face and silence stitched across my tongue, I knew that this was no dream. I do not know how I knew this spectacle unfolding before me was no mere fantasy, more of a vision given for no reason known to me except as willful torture. […]

Shameless Self Promotion and Dust

Good Shameless Self Promotion Sunday, dear readers, I hope the day finds you well. Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you have a collection or book to shill. My western horror novel, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, has been out a month and a half and the reviews have been pouring […]

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, coming soon

A cattle drive from Dallas Texas to Abilene Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. The sleepy little town of Duncan, nestled in the Indian Territory, gives the promise of a break from the trail dust. But unbeknownst to all, something hungers for flesh in the untamed land. Something powerful. Soon the dry ground will be soaked […]

six more weeks

is it any wonder he hides in his cave wary of any sounds from the outside world he hears the crackle of fires raging the whistle of bombs dropping punctuated by heavy sighs so he buries his head afraid if he sees his shadow it will mean six more weeks of horror.

something crawls

there’s a scratching from beneath the wraparound porch a thin keening howl that hangs just under the sound of the wind through the rickety old farm house just loud enough to send chills in the middle of the night there were stories tales whispered behind my back when i first moved to town dark mutterings […]

lovecraftian prose

when the long brush strokes of another painted day fade from view the canvas is born anew by the cleansing strains of serendipity across the open floodplain of residual loveterrors dripping with acrid leftovers of the restraints shown in the face of passionately hatefucking the tepid water in pain renewed harken thee not into the […]


As the first shovelful of dirt rained down upon the wooden lid, he began to stir. The sound of thunder crackled above. He could see nothing. His arms pinned to his sides. At first he thought it was rain, sleep paralysis. Then his hands found the satin lining. The darkness became suffocating. He worked his […]

night terror

he stands beneath a tree in the pouring rain when the lightning flashes his silhouette motionless in the night she peers out the window startled when the lightning flashes again he’s gone she chuckles to herself just her imagination thunder rumbles shaking the windows setting off car alarms around the neighborhood hides the noise of […]