mattress of madness

as i slit the plastic shell holding the tightly bound mattress into compressed hatred, after maneuvering it onto the frame through no small effort

a gasping sound as the infernal contraption of netherfoam hissed in loud breaths to flop to writhe before unrolling itself with a cry to r’yleh beneath the oily brine

there is an undercurrent in this new mattress of madness, somewhere in the always cool technology lurks an insidious hunger to expand to consume

the spiral coils of sheer compression stretch out Ike tentacled reminders of this realm being one of many through the springy tendrils of sheer insanity

even now, it whispers of colors unseen by mortal kin of the shadows of the shadowy things that lurk just at the edge of our feeble understandings

where will this accursed beast ferry me once dream begins, once reality fades into another era of self reflected terrors that linger at the edge of sightless sight

gently cradled in the wooden arms of formerly flickering faded moments of sheer hopelessness and the embers of lost loves to settle into it’s destined shape

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