(un)titled desert

i dreamt a dream of swirling sands of thirst of crawling across the arid land in dire need of something undefinable primal necessary yet incomprehensible she shimmered like an oasis a cool drink of water in the middle of desolation where cracked bloody lips spilled lines of poetry lost in the vast dunes of forever […]

wayward words

lie down let the gentle autumn rain wash the feel of sorrow from weary muscles knotted in anxious necessity let the cool mist act as a balm against the constant grating of reality like an obsidian blade thrust into the heartwomb of tomorrow’s many insults behind the gray wool clouds of rendered dreammucus lies the […]


he stripped the meaning from the words then plastered them across the room in hopes someone saw something in the hollow outlines all that was left was the prose of a damned soul stripped of purpose muscles cramped eyes clamped shut as shuddering waves of anguish sped from feverish forehead to curled toe leaving no […]


lost in a maze of maize the stalks grown in irregular patterns mutated into monstrosities with stinging leaves that cut the supple flesh of childhood aspirations in dead end paths wisps of silk on the humid air as frantic breathing fills the rows


the heavy scent of lust plays like motes of dust in the humid air of a rainy morning spent tangled nude in bed his hands hunger for the smooth feel of warm flesh as her gentle breathing resonates with his heartbeat outside the world continues to spin with the fierce locomotion of angry need while […]

the dusty room where hope lay beaten, a soliloquy of one

a tarnished silver tray in the flickering candlelight of a darkened room fruit long into rot moulders under the constant buzz of flies crawling with fat maggots the wallpaper hangs in tattered strips from warped wooden boards heavy cobwebs with fattened black spiders wrapping feasts of quivering forms she sits alone mascara running in thick […]