she stares at me from across the dark parking lot with a blank expression compounded with the yellowish flood light casting long shadows across her face

black seems to pour down her cheeks as she stretches on gnarled hand out across the void of night between us

my heart stutters in my chest as my breathing turns shallow turns off as the blood in my skull rushes like a white water rapid as cracks in the mantle shift millions of gallons of

she is gone as the horrid pressure snaps like bands of serrated iron around my chests carving with rusted teeth into my bronchial passages

the oxidation sweeps through pulmonary dissonance a tide of smarmy communist infiltrators in the capitalist cesspool of fast food grease and plastic microfibers that season everything since the turtles declared war on straws

was she ever there or is the madness just kicking in

i creep to the edge of the window careful to remain in the shadows hidden not breathing not moving blinking an involuntary memory of before

nothing but faint smears running down the cracked asphalt to bubble and writhe in the sewers sequestered in symbiotic synergy

the moon wraps itself in clouds to hide the disdain of the sun’s rapturous denial as i try to pierce the evening in sleep addled obstinate dismissal

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